What is time?

I sat in on the first day of an introductory physics course at a community college last year. The professor asked the class the mind-stretching question “what is time?” After a few ones stumbling over words, nobody in the class could articulate a response to that question. As I was going about my day yesterday, I was pondering this concept of time and an interesting visual came to my mind’s eye and I am going to do my best to translate it into language with intentions of opening this visual concept to the reader of this article.

Time is the dimension that exists to facilitate and allow for the expression of higher-dimensional mental constructs to manifest themselves into the physical world.

Allow me to expand further, I see each of us as the Creator. We are all connected by the universal mind. Our ability to imagine that which has not yet been realized in the physical reality holds the truth of our power as creator beings. The moment at which an idea or concept is conceived, it already exists, and as humans we have created time as a means of measuring the unfolding of the idea or concept into the physical reality. As we ascend in consciousness, we begin to notice the distinction between the realm of the imagination and the realm of the physical blurring via our perception. When we tune ourselves into the one universal moment, the Here and Now, we open our perception to receive the higher frequencies of energy that are ever-present around/within us. All of this is your power and your energy to harness and create with. I will tell you from experience that you will be much more fulfilled when you are co-creating with this power in alignment with your own truth of your heart.

Love & Light & Blessings

Eyes For The Fruits Of Creation

With eyes for the fruits of creation, I see I no longer need lack.

With appreciation of abundance of all things for which I ask.

Rather realities with which I am a vibrational match.

It seems a nonsensical task, yet bears me a fruit of sensational mass.

Creating Your reality: The Importance Of Dreaming Big

At this moment, many people in the world are waking up to the fact that we each create our own individual realities. As this truth is being realized within our collective consciousness, it naturally leads to the co-creation of our collective human experience. Once we recognize that we are all one being and that each one is created equal, we can see that each one’s dream and aspiration has the potential to have as much effect as any other’s on the world. The process by which dreams are realized is called manifestation. Human beings are the bridge between, what we once separated as, imagination and reality. In other words, our ability to conceive of something that has not yet been experienced in the physical reality is the key to understanding our purpose in the realization of this knowledge.

So dream big! Believe with all of your being in your dream and see to it that it becomes reality. Be assured that you will be supported and assistance is always available to those who ask.

Love & light & blessings to all.

The Limit Does Not Exist

Close your eyes.

Breathe deeply into the abdomen. Expand your chest.

Exhale in a controlled and steady stream.

Be Here & Now.

Notice what you are hearing. Sounds from the world? High frequency ringing in your ears? Notice that there is a silence beneath these sounds. The silence of the one who is listening, observing. You are the silence that is observing through the senses.

This is your life experience. When we stay in this place of alignment and awareness, we begin to notice that we subconsciously associate certain feelings with each aspect of our life. It is based on the feeling that we judge that experience as either good or bad. The key to experiencing life in it’s fullest is to let go of the judgements that we have learned to hold during our time on Earth. When we release judging, condemning, criticizing ourselves and others, by allowing ourselves to freely express truth in each moment, we unlock our true essence of freedom of being.