The Limit Does Not Exist

Close your eyes.

Breathe deeply into the abdomen. Expand your chest.

Exhale in a controlled and steady stream.

Be Here & Now.

Notice what you are hearing. Sounds from the world? High frequency ringing in your ears? Notice that there is a silence beneath these sounds. The silence of the one who is listening, observing. You are the silence that is observing through the senses.

This is your life experience. When we stay in this place of alignment and awareness, we begin to notice that we subconsciously associate certain feelings with each aspect of our life. It is based on the feeling that we judge that experience as either good or bad. The key to experiencing life in it’s fullest is to let go of the judgements that we have learned to hold during our time on Earth. When we release judging, condemning, criticizing ourselves and others, by allowing ourselves to freely express truth in each moment, we unlock our true essence of freedom of being. 



Author: divinehomestead

I am a soul awakening to my truest self and the purpose of this page is to share my truth and vision for a more loving and united world.

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