Creating Your reality: The Importance Of Dreaming Big

At this moment, many people in the world are waking up to the fact that we each create our own individual realities. As this truth is being realized within our collective consciousness, it naturally leads to the co-creation of our collective human experience. Once we recognize that we are all one being and that each one is created equal, we can see that each one’s dream and aspiration has the potential to have as much effect as any other’s on the world. The process by which dreams are realized is called manifestation. Human beings are the bridge between, what we once separated as, imagination and reality. In other words, our ability to conceive of something that has not yet been experienced in the physical reality is the key to understanding our purpose in the realization of this knowledge.

So dream big! Believe with all of your being in your dream and see to it that it becomes reality. Be assured that you will be supported and assistance is always available to those who ask.

Love & light & blessings to all.


Author: divinehomestead

I am a soul awakening to my truest self and the purpose of this page is to share my truth and vision for a more loving and united world.

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